The Patsy D Story

Patsy D was born Patsy Louisiana Delray DeCline in a little railway town called Shangri-La in Tennesee, the eldest of ten children.

Her father worked the signal lights on the track and her mother ran away when Patsy was only eight years old.

From that day on she was left to raise the kids while her daddy worked to bring home enough beans to feed all the hungry children.

While she worked Patsy would entertain her brothers and sisters, singing songs that she heard over the radio.

Then one dark day her daddy was hit by a train and killed. Patsy was left to fend for her brothers and sisters until County Welfare carted them all off to an orphanage in nearby Cowpoke County.

Patsy was forced to work like a slave day and night. She had no shoes and her only dress was in rags.

At the tender age of fourteen the determined Patsy decided to escape the godforsaken hellhole that was swallowing up her young life and late one night she jumped the orphanage fence and hitched a ride on a freight train heading towards Nashville.

She made up a song about her life right there and then called The Ballad Of Patsy D.

On arriving in Nashville, she entered herself in a local talent quest where she got up and sang her life story to an attentive crowd. Everybody broke down and cried and Patsy became a star!

Since those early days Patsy has established herself as the most successful Queen Of Country Corn Nashville has ever produced having won the title three years in a row.

In the wake of her success she has accumulated a number of fabulous dresses and is renowned for her incredible shoe collection throughout the whole US of A.

Patsy has sung her way around the world with hits like One Horse Town, Don’t Fall In Love With A Cowboy, and of course her favourite, The Ballad Of Patsy D.

If you like to listen to a little bit of country music with a pinch of pain, a dash of calamity and a whole lotta lovin’ spoonfuls of heart and soul, then Patsy would love to sing for YOU.

See y’all Down Under…

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**Photo by Tony Lewis